What is building fairer Oxleas services?

Building fairer Oxleas services aims to tackle health inequalities and inequities experienced by the people who use our services and their families. It is part of our trust-wide programme to improve equity for all.

What does building fairer Oxleas services aim to achieve?

Building fairer oxleas services seeks to place service users and carers at the heart of service development and delivery by:

  • enhancing co-production with these important stakeholders;
  • positively improving outcomes;
  • addressing discrimination.  

This will help us at Oxleas to create responsive services where difference is valued and to foster a culture of respect and understanding.

The aims of the first three years of our strategy are to:

  • use improved internal data to understand better who is using our services;
  • identify gaps in the services we provide or access to them and address these inequalities;
  • deliver the patient and carer race equality framework in mental health.

How will we deliver building fairer Oxleas services?

To help us deliver this, we have established five workstreams:

  1. Improving use and collection of data: working to improve internal data collection methods and analysis to ensure accurate and comprehensive understanding of service user demographics and needs.
  2. Improving equity of access: working to ensure equitable access to everyone and to address any barriers identified.
  3. Improving equity of experience: working to enhance co-production with service users to help strengthen our service offer;  positively address identified disparities in patient experience for people from different communities and with different protected characteristics.
  4. Improving equity of outcomes: working to develop outcome measures that incorporate protected characteristics, monitor progress, and ensure equitable outcomes for all individuals.
  5. Supporting staff to deliver inclusive care: providing training, resources, and support to our staff, promoting cultural awareness, anti-racism, and promoting an environment where difference is valued.

As part of our Building Fairer Oxleas Services work, we are implementing the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF). This is a national approach to improve our understanding of the communities we serve and to make our mental health services more accessible. Information on the approach is available at NHS England » Patient and carer race equality framework.

We are implementing it at Oxleas and it will help us to:

  • Empower ethnically diverse communities
  • Raise the bar on service excellence
  • Put accountability into action

What our research shows

Research shows we need to tackle:

  • overrepresentation in the criminal justice system
  • disproportionate detention rates
  • higher use of restrictive interventions
  • limited access to Talking Therapies
  • diagnosis and hospitalisation disparities

Want to know more or get involved?

For more information on building fairer Oxleas services or to get involved, contact us:


Key leads:

  • Iain Dimond, Chief Operating Officer/Executive Lead
  • Juliana Frederick-James, Head of Equality and Human Rights
  • Tafadzwa Marapara, Lead for PCREF and Service User Health Inequalities

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