Quality and performance


Quality and performance

Our highest priority is to improve the quality of the services we provide for our patients and improve lives.

We continually monitor our performance in relation to our finances, governance, safety and quality of services. We carry out a range of surveys and consultations to enable feedback from patients and carers to look for ways we can improve our services.

Our ambition is to go from good to great in terms of the quality of our services – and then to stay great. We want to embed an improvement approach which delivers sustained improvements to the quality of care we provide and empowers our staff to provide better and safer care.

We will delivery this by focusing on:

  • Quality planning – understanding the priorities for improvement and the design of appropriate interventions
  • Quality control – maintaining quality and knowing when it slips away
  • Quality assurance – independently checking the quality
  • Quality improvement – delivering the improvement

Our quality management framework brings all these components together. It provides the methodology for developing and continually improving quality through the setting and monitoring of annual quality priorities.

Effective implementation of this framework will help us to deliver:

  • Robust quality control systems
  • Effective governance and management processes
  • A culture that empowers our staff
  • Opportunities to learn and reflect on assurance processes
  • Honesty when something goes wrong
  • Improved scope to listen and respond to staff, patients and their families

The quality of our services and our performance are reviewed monthly by our Board of Directors and include external scrutiny by commissioners and the Department of Health.

The quality and safety of our services are monitored by the national regulator for health and social care, the Care Quality Commission.

You can view our latest Quality Report here:

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England – including hospitals, care homes, dental practices and GP surgeries – provide safe, high-quality care.

The CQC monitors our performance by visiting our sites and inspecting our services to ensure they meet national standards for safety and quality. They rate them as outstanding, good, requiring improvement or inadequate and publish their findings in a report so everyone can see them

Our latest CQC rating and report can be viewed here:

Patient Experience Group Reports

These reports contain the feedback provided in our patient experience surveys, in addition to any complaints and compliments we have received.

The information demonstrates where our services are doing well and highlights areas which require improvement.

Some reports are not available due to meetings not being held in March 2022, January and July 2021 and March 2020.

View our latest reports here:

View our archived Patient Experience Group reports here.

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