Co-production brings together service users and providers who work hand in hand to improve services. This can involve both the design and the delivery aspects of services.

Those who have a connection to a service, whether they are patients, their families or clinicians, have experienced vital aspects of that service, and may have a view about it.

Oxleas has a good track record of some highly innovative co-production and our strategy supports bolstering our involvement of people who use our services in co-production. We want to see our services constantly improving for the benefit of those who use them.

The best co-production projects are clear about what types of experiences or groups they want to understand and serve, as no one person can represent every group or experience. Our ‘Involved’ infrastructure supports the widespread adoption of co-production and development of new ways to support this work.


Our ResearchNet groups are volunteers who meet regularly to plan, develop and carry out research and service improvement projects within our services.

The groups are a mix of lived experience volunteers and paid staff members who have an interest in what we do as a trust and want to work together to improve the experience of our patients and carers.

As well as research and service development activities, ResearchNet members also attend and present at conferences and training courses, contribute to trust meetings and liaise with other ResearchNet groups.

Discussions are non-judgemental with opportunities for everyone to bring new ideas to the table and have an equal say in a supportive and harmonious manner. These contributions help us to improve user experience and ensure those who use our services receive the best care.

Contact us: For further information or to join our ResearchNet groups, please contact our Volunteer Services:

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Our groups:

ResearchNet Bexley

ResearchNet Bromley

ResearchNet Greenwich

ResearchNet Older People’s Mental Health Services

ResearchNet Adult Learning Disability Services Bexley

ResearchNet Adult Learning Disability Services Bromley

ResearchNet Adult Learning Disability Services Greenwich

About Qi

Improving the lives of our patients is at the heart of Oxleas. We want to drive a culture of continuous improvement by supporting and empowering our staff, and service users, to make sustainable changes for improvement.

  • Our approach finds solutions to problems that cause frustrations or impact on efficiency
  • Our aim is to build a culture of continuous improvement and enable every service to be actively involved

Quality Improvement (Qi) recognises that the people closest to the problem are best at identifying areas for improvement and also at identifying potential solutions and testing them.

We follow the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Model for Improvement framework to complete Qi projects. Following this approach supports staff to systematically plan out their project and test out ideas for change.

When done well, Qi can release great creativity and innovation in tackling complex issues which services have previously found challenging.

Our Qi journey

We started on our Qi journey in June 2018 and during the first year delivered training for more than 500 staff who have completed numerous Qi projects.

Our partners in Qi

The South London Mental Health and Community Partnership (SLP) consists of three organisations:

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust. 

Our joint Qi partnership involves looking at ways to improve patient care, share best practice, provide training and learning opportunities and enhance careers, as well as help develop new roles.

"The SLP is a ground-breaking partnership led by clinicians across our three trusts to work together to improve the lives of our service users and carers." Andy Trotter, Chair, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Contact us: For general queries, email our Qi Team:

Can you understand it?

Our ‘Can you understand it?’ group are volunteers who work in partnership with our service users, as part of a co-production project.

Supported by staff, the group of adults with learning disabilities was formed more than a decade ago to help make information produced for people with a learning disability easier to understand.

Their work is invaluable in helping the trust ensure our communication and correspondence is as clear and easy to understand as possible for everyone.

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