Reports, publications and performance

We believe in being transparent about the work that we do, our finances and performance and the care and treatment we provide.

Being a transparent organisation gives our patients and our partners the information they need to make informed choices about their treatment and about our organisation in general, enabling our key stakeholders to hold us to account.

The government has set out the need for greater transparency to enable the public to hold public bodies to account. This includes details about how institutions like the NHS operate, the publication of more clinical data and extending the friends and family test.

Annual Report and Accounts

Our annual report describes the changes and improvements across the trust over the past year. The publication includes reports from our Chair and Chief Executive as well as summary financial accounts.

Read our latest Annual Report and Accounts here.

Every year we publish our Quality Account. This important document sets out how we continue to improve the quality of the services we provide.

Read our latest Quality Report here.

To request a paper copy, please email: with your request and full contact details.

Safe staffing

Ensuring the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time, outlines our responsibility to ensure safe staffing levels.

For every shift during every day we now display on each of our wards the planned and actual staffing levels, together with other key information such as who is in charge.

Every six months we report to the Board of Directors regarding safe staffing levels.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to produce accurate safe staffing information for the period April 2020 to March 2021.

Our monthly reports can be viewed here:

Our archived Safe Staffing Board reports can be found here.

Learning from deaths

Our Mortality Surveillance Committee reviews any deaths that occur involving patients in our care.

You can view our most recent reports here:

See our archived Learning from Deaths reports here.

Serious Incident Reports

Any patient safety incident is always fully investigated to ensure that lessons are learned to prevent the likelihood of similar incidents happening again.

We do not publish these reviews but we always seek to involve patients, families and those affected by the incident and we share a copy of the review with those involved.

If the patient safety incident relates to the death of a patient, we also share the review with the Coroner.

NHSE commission independent reviews of patient safety incidents that meet the threshold. These reviews are made public by NHSE and are made available here:

Gender Pay Gap reports

Gender pay reporting is different to equal pay which deals with pay difference between men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value.

The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average pay between all men and women in the workforce. If the pay gap is higher, it can indicate that there may be issues to deal with, and the various calculations may help to identify what those issues are.

View our latest Gender Pay Gap Report below:

See our archived Gender Pay Gap reports here.

What we spend

All public sector expenditure is published to show how public funds are used, and to allow the government to be held to account and control costs.

All NHS organisations are obliged to publish a regular summary of all financial transactions in excess of £25,000.

Our transactions are updated monthly and can be viewed here:

Our archived Expenditure over £25,000 reports can be found here.

You can find out more about what we spend and how we spend it in our latest  Annual Report and Accounts.

More information about financial transparency is available on the government website.

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