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Committed to a green future

Committed to a green future

We’re kind, we’re fair, we listen and we care.

These are our values at Oxleas. We believe that protecting the environment for present and future generations embodies all those values.
We know the world needs to change the way it uses energy before it’s too late. Green energy is clean and does not produce harmful emissions, unlike fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.  
Fossil fuels contribute to climate change. Climate change is causing sea levels to rise, more severe storms, and droughts. These changes can lead to more natural disasters and significant loss of life. It is also harming wildlife and their habitat, with many species on the brink of extinction. We are determined to be a net zero organisation by the year 2040 by making changes now.
Our Green Plan, to reduce carbon emissions from our buildings includes adding insulation, replacing old boilers with clean options, replacing lights with energy-efficient LEDs and working towards using only clean energy sources. All this will help us in reaching our goal.
We have a lot to do and much to learn. It is with pride that Oxleas is playing its part today to build a better, greener, healthier future for our people, our organisation and our planet.

View our Green Plan on our strategies page.

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