Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team are experienced NHS professionals with specific management and operational skills. They are responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the trust. The Executive Team is led by Chief Executive Ify Okocha and the members are:

  • Ify Okocha - Chief Executive
  • Iain Dimond - Chief Operating Officer
  • Abi Fadipe - Medical Director
  • Jane Wells - Director of Nursing 
  • Neil Springham - Director of Therapies
  • Rachel C Evans - Director of Strategy and People
  • Azara Mukhtar - Finance Director
  • Lisa Thompson - Service Director - Children and Young People
  • Sarah Burchell - Service Director - Adult Community Physical Health Services
  • Lawrence Mack - Service Director - Forensic and Offender Healthcare
  • Aisling Clifford - Service Director - Adult Acute and Crisis Mental Health
  • Lorraine Regan - Service Director - Adult Community Mental Health/Adult Learning Disability 
  • Alison Furzer - Director of Digital Services
  • Rachel Evans - Director of Estates and Facilities
  • Sally Bryden - Trust Secretary/Director of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Development


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Dr Neil Springham | Director of Therapies

Dr Neil Springham | Director of Therapies

Since training in the 1980s, Dr Neil Springham has worked in adult mental health, addictions and now specialises in services for people diagnosed with personality disorder. He was a course leader at the Unit of Psychotherapeutic Studies, Goldsmiths College, co-founded the UK Art Therapy Practice Research Network and was twice elected chair of British Association of Art Therapists.

He has a PhD in Psychology and founded ResearchNet, a service user and provider collaboration which develops co-produced research in mental health. He has published and lectured internationally on a wide range of issues.   

we are kind we are fair we listen we care

we’re kind we’re fair we listen we care