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Bracton Centre - Inpatient Psychology

  • We provide psychological therapies at two sites, the Bracton Centre and Memorial Hospital.

    We also provide input to the Community Forensic Support Plus Service and a women's residential community-based service, Mariposa House.

    Our work includes assessments, psychological interventions (group, family and individual) and working with staff teams.

  • Reception phone number: 01322 294300
  • Service hours: Available 24 hours a day

Our team

Psychological therapists occupy a range of senior leadership responsibilities within the service. This includes quality assurance and improvement roles and positions as Responsible Clinicians.

As inpatient psychological therapists, we are interested in obtaining a full picture of a patient's situation. We prefer asking “what happened to you?” rather than “what is wrong with you?”

We identify strengths and difficulties in the ways people think, feel and relate to others, empowering people to build upon resources and make choices that lead to healthier, safer lives.

How to access this service

To access this service, you must be an inpatient at the Bracton Centre or Memorial Low Secure services. You can also be within one of our step-down services at Support Plus or Mariposa.


We do not accept referrals for people who are not already under the care of the above services.

Community service users in Oxleas' boroughs may be able to access the William Morris Centre community psychological therapies service.


How to contact this service

Public phone number: 01322 294300

Available 24 hours a day.


we are kind we are fair we listen we care

we’re kind we’re fair we listen we care