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Crisis Line Service - Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich

  • The Crisis Line is a 24-hour telephone service for residents of Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich who are experiencing a mental health crisis or supporting someone experiencing a crisis.

    We are a dedicated team of mental health practitioners and call handlers. We provide a telephone-based service that allows you to talk about your mental health crisis. We also provide mental health advice and information.

    The Crisis Line Service can:

    • Give you an opportunity to talk about your mental health
    • Assess your needs to understand your current crisis and coping strategies
    • Create a place of care based on your support network and current interventions
    • Refer you to local mental health teams, emergency services and other services and self-help techniques
    • Provide advice and information for carers, family and friends who may know someone experiencing a mental health crisis
    • Leave a voicemail with your name and contact number so we can call you back. If we miss your call, we can call you back on the number you phoned from

    The Crisis Line works in collaboration with NHS 111, the police and London Ambulance Service to provide you with appropriate care and support in the community.

    The Crisis Line Service also offers 72-hour follow-up telephone support for service users discharged from an Oxleas NHS inpatient stay. You will receive a follow-up call within 72 hours of your discharge to check on how you are and whether you need additional support from mental health services.

  • Reception phone number: 0800 330 8590

How to access this service

Call 0800 330 8590.

We encourage you to contact the crisis line number directly if you are experiencing a mental health crisis. It is available 24 hours a day. A family member or carer can also call on your behalf.


We are not a referral service. Referrals to Community Mental Health Teams should be directed to the single point of access or the primary care plus team in each borough.

Following a call, we may be able to refer you to the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHTT) for further assessment. We may also refer and signpost you to other useful services.


How to contact this service

Public phone number: 0800 330 8590

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