Oxcare – your online personal health record

Oxcare – your online personal health record

Oxcare is your online personal health record provided by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

With Oxcare you can:

  • Manage your health records 
  • Reduce the need for clinic visits
  • Connect with your care team
  • Receive information from the trust

What is Oxcare?

Oxcare shows personal and medical information held in your personal health record, some of it comes from Oxleas’ record systems. It allows you to add your own information about your health, along with details which may be used to help with your current illness. This could include a diary or trackers to record your mood or pain. In some cases, it may reduce the need for you to attend as many appointments.

It offers you the chance to keep a record of anything that you think might be relevant to your overall healthcare, such as medications or how you want to be treated/supported.

You may also invite your care team, carers, family, and friends to view your information, with the option of sharing as much or as little as you want to.



How to sign up

Oxcare is free to use. You will need to register at https://oxcare.oxleas.nhs.uk/ in order to use it.

Please contact your care team if you have any questions relating to Oxcare and when it will be available to you.

On invitation

Your Oxleas health care team may invite you to join. You will be able to see information relevant to your treatment and care along with messaging your care team. As part of your care you may be expected to provide information about yourself and keep it up to date.

On demand

You can go online and register at oxcare.oxleas.nhs.uk.

If you wish to share information with your care team, you will need to contact them and ask for their team email address so that you can invite them to join your community and message them.

Shortcut on mobile devices

To help make it easier to use Oxcare we have created a short video on how to create a short cut for your mobile phone. The video cover both iPhone and android phones. Once you have the icon on your phone it will take you to the log on page.

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